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English Verse: The Best of the 20th Century, Hö...
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Representing the work of more than 30 poets, and extending from Thomas Hardy´s lines on the loss of Titanic to the present-day concerns of Seamus Heaney, The Best of 20th-Century Poetry offers an extensive survey of English poetry of the last hundred years. It includes established favourites like T. S. Eliot´s ´´The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock´´, W. H. Auden´s ´´Stop all the Clocks´´ and ´´In Memory of W B Yeats´´, and Dylan Thomas´s ´´Fern Hill´´, together with a generous selection of poetry from both world wars. Embracing a wide range of styles and moods, this new selection captures the continuing richness of the English poetic tradition. All poems are taken from The Time Book of English Verse, edited by Edward Leeson. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Julian Glover, Isla Blair. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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T-Bone Walker - Classics In Jazz (10inch LP)
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BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive - limitierte Sammler-Edition, nur direkt im Bear Family Shop und Mailorder - keine Händlerkonditionen! 10inch LP (limitierte Ausgabe - farbiges Vinyl) t-bone walker What DiMaggio was to baseball, what Lindbergh was to aviation, Aaron (T-Bone) Walker is to the Blues. No orthodox singer, T- Bone has no eyes — never did have — for croon-ing Hit Parade ballads of the moment. His forte is the twelve-bar Blues, which he treats three ways while accompanying himself on a polished electrically amplified guitar. T-Bone´s ´´ways´´ include (1) fast Blues, (2) slow Blues and (3) slowest Blues, and he wheels ´em and deals ´em. more times than not, in precisely that order. With Les Hite´s California orchestra, then in the 1940s with Freddie Slack, Walker attracted unusual attention as a guitarist and Blues bawler. Finally, as it must to all deserving men, success brought success to T-Bone and his titanic talents. He went out on his own, ´´just for myself,´´ and recorded a dozen or more best-selling records among his other accomplishments. The best of these are presented between these covers. The Blues, T-Bone is adamant, can mean most anything lyrically. Happy times, frustrating times, plain bad times. You´ll hear these moods— and more — as T-Bone paints pictures in indigo throughout the selections within this package. Onstage ...Center ... Front ...The Great T-Bone and his Guitar!

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